Lovely accent piece scarf with great color and striking leaf design. Long enough to swirl around your neck or just hang loose. Hand dyed silk chiffon is nuno felted with a wool leaf and branch design. Very chic.


This silk is hand dyed so no 2 pieces are alike.

Blue: Silk has shades of deep to mid tone blue, green and a touch of purple.

Dijon: Silk has shades of mid to light grey with pops of golden dijon.

Santa Fe: Silk has shades of light to dark navy, rust and a hint of tan.

Black/Red: Silk has shades of mid to light gray to white.

Nora Scarf

  • 75% Silk, 20% Wool, 5% Tencel.

    Measures (approx): 11 x 72"

    This piece can be hand washed in cool water, wring out in a towel and hang to dry.  A quick press with a steam iron will bring it back to it's original shape!

  • Please note that  I hand make all of my pieces to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you require a quicker response, please email me with your request.