Sorry, no personals, no retail. 
Buyers will need to sign up via email to be allowed access to website.
Prices listed are wholesale prices. Everything is handmade to order!
Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship. Please specify in 'notes' at checkout when you would like delivery. I will confirm via email.
You must have a brick and mortar store (I check!) or and/or verifiable website.
Minimum opening order: 6 pcs or $500. 
Reorders: 4 pcs or $300.

The customer is responsible for any shipping charges which are calculated when the order is complete and ready to ship. An estimate is included on you invoice which will be adjusted at the time of shipping.

For New Customers who would be paying in advance, an estimated shipping charge is calculated into the invoice and then adjusted at the time of shipping.



In this day and age, we're all struggling to stay in business. PLEASE be aware that at this point, I am using supplies that I can easily purchase if I don't have them on hand to complete your order. If you have a change of heart and cannot accept you order, PLEASE LMK at least 4 weeks in advance. I do my best to contact you for confirmation so please respond quickly to that email!!!



Once your order is sent, tracking will be sent to you via either UPS or USPS.



OK. We're all having a tough time right now, so:

Returning Customers:  if you're in business and accepting orders and you've confirmed your order, I usually give you Net30. If you find that you're behind or struggling, TALK TO ME!! Most of you  know me and I have been grateful for your business in the past. We can work thing out. Unfortunately, I don't do consignment, so please don't ask. It just get's awkward saying 'no'.

New Customers: I usually ask for payment up front after I've calculated shipping charges, BUT to hopefully make things easier, I will require 50% up front and the balance in 30 days. Again, if you have the 50% and you're in a fix, talk to me. We can work out a payment plan.

Just remember, that I'm in business also and because of the way I've stocked myself this year, and the access to my resources, I feel like that I can make these adjustments to help my customers and not find myself in a hole.

I wish all of my customers old and new the very best of health and success in this upcoming season.


I'm too lazy or too busy and get SO annoyed at anyone wanting to solicit information. (Trust me, you don't want to be on the wrong side of THOSE emails or phone calls!)  So I keep all of your info private. I'd rather spend my free time with my family and dog not chasing down 'leads'.